GT Journey

GTJourney is an opportunity for all members of the Georgia Tech community to collaborate on applications and solutions that benefit the campus. It is a virtual focal point for students, faculty, and staff to develop ideas and solutions, find technical support and resources, advertise and access campus data, and share applications and experiences. GT Journey continues Georgia Tech's tradition of benefiting from the diverse expertise and interests of its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Within GT Journey, there are several components that allow students to contribute to and benefit from RNOC's resources:

  • GT DevHub is a developer platform based on standard web technologies and integrated with campus IT lowering the barriers for student mobile app development.
  • Resources, from hardware and software to expert developers, are available to allow Georgia Tech community members to create services and mobile applications. Learn more here.
  • Collaboration within Georgia Tech's diverse community is facilitated through sharing data and ideas. Learn more here.