Anvesh Redy Chennuru

Graduate Research Assistant

M.S. in Computational Science and Engineering

Jennifer Mullins

Programs and Operations Manager

Nicolas Mcgarry

Research Assistant

B.S in Computer Science

Skills: Java, Python, C/C++, Android Development

Brenton Jackson

Research Assistant

B.S. in Computer Engineering

Skills: Prototyping, Matlab, PC/Laptop Repair

Nikolas Preza

Research Assistant

B.S. in Computer Science

Skills: Java, Python, ROS, JavaFX, XML

Solomon Martin

Research Assistant

B.S. in Electrical Engineering

Skills: Matlab, PCB Design

Carissa Matute

Research Assistant

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Skills: Matlab, C/C++, Hardware

Cecil Woebker

Visiting Researcher

M.S. Computer Science

Skills: Containerization, Fog Computing, Infrastructure, Python

Dawit Guta

Research Assistant

B.S. Computer Science

Skills: Java, HTML, CSS, JavaFx, SQL

Joaquin Chung

Graduate Research Assistant

Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering


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