Fall 2015 Student Project Showcase

RNOC And IPAT are hosting our first Fall student project showcase on November 18th, 2015! Any and all students at Georgia Tech are invited to join us!! Bring us your ideas, projects, posters, research! There are no limits or restrictions to your entry into the showcase. We will invite a select group of industry partners, campus staff and faculty to come learn about student innovation on campus and provide their feedback on the various projects that will be shown. This is also a great opportunity to meet like minded students to augment teams and find pivots.

Magic Window

Magic Window is an immersive live video experience. The users can change their perspective as if they are looking through a real window. The augmented video supports interaction with both live and pre-recorded media content through gesture-based controls, such as leaning sideways to see further to the side or leaning in to zoom. Current applications include viewing live demos remotely and games such as charades and taboo.

Mehmet Ordu

Graduate Research Assistant
M.S. Human-Computer Interaction
Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Design

Melissa Shi

B.S. Industrial Design Student

Jemmy Gazhenko

B.S. Computer Science 2015 Macy's System and Technology

Shanu Salunke

Graduate Research Assistant
M.S. Computer Science
Skills: iOS/Android Dev, AI/ML, Java, Python

Andrew Nelson

M.S. Human-Computer Interaction
IBM Design


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