RNOC Lending Library

Spring 2022 Lending Library Operations
RNOC is continuing to operate using contactless processes for this semester. Devices are available for checkout and the team can meet with you virtually using video conferencing.
Please contact us at rnoc-lab-staff@lists.gatech.edu with questions.

Research Line Update - March 2022
The RNOC lab is reviewing usage of research lines. If you are a researcher using one or more of these lines, or if you use one in support of research, you may receive an email from our team and if no response is given,a follow up text message from our team. Follow up texts will come from a research line, so the number will begin 678 992 XXXX.
Please reply to the message to confirm or update the information in the text. Alternately, email rnoc-lab-staff@lists.gatech.edu to provide the requested information. This will allow us to confirm the continued use and need for these lines and to free up and reassign others. Thank you for your prompt response and assistance!

As part of our mission to support innovation and experiential learning in academics and research through living labs, RNOC operates a Lending Library available to the Georgia Tech community. The library is supported through industry partnerships including AT&T and Verizon. 

The resources available change regularly, but generally include: phones, tablets, and other mobile and wearable devices; Arduinos, Raspberry Pi’s and other IoT development kits; a variety of sensors; cameras and media capture devices; virtual machines and databases, home automation hubs and sensors; a wide range of networking equipment and network airtime; as well as spaces for students to work with one another. 
These resources support a wide range of academic and innovation activities including class projects, learning mobile and IoT development, conducting experiments, field work, and user studies; participation in competitions and hackathons (including the CIC), as well as a variety of community engagement and research activities. 
To find out more about our current inventory and availability, check out the available devices page. Devices can be checked out for up to two weeks, with longer term and larger scale checkouts available based on resource availability, current demand, and project needs. If you have ideas for devices to add to the lending library, please complete the suggested devices form.
Operation of the Lending Library is made possible through the center’s research activities and the support of our industry and community partners. As a result, resource availability as well as lab hours are variable and are offered on a best effort basis. Those interested in making resources available to the Georgia Tech community through the lending library should contact rnoc@gatech.edu for more information.